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55+ Worst Tattoos Ever!

I love tattoos . One of my best friends and very favorite people is a tattoo artist . But doesn't there come a point in time to say it's enough!

Conan O'Brien not because he wears pants like these, but because he wore pants like these.

PHOTOS: Famous Male Celebrities Wearing Jeggings!

I LOVE this was soo funny, sad thing I saw it in class :( (Jeggings - they aren't for everyone. Leggings are NOT pants!

Epic grandma!

I so love this picture, look at how happy she is--a freaking great grandma jumping rope // Black and White Photo

"miltä nuo kuvat näyttää sitte ku oot vanha?" ihan hemmetin hyvältä!

fight-for-the-outcasts: “ morgphine-drip: “ doggirlsondrugs: “ mysavageheart: “ “what are you going to look like when you’re older?” ” like a mother fucking bad ass ”

 Lol, now all she needs to do to make this even more pathetic is pose by people like she's with them. -TC

Ok so before it was the forever alone ? And you got made fun of? Suddenly now a days it's the selfie stick and no one is laughing anymore?

In a parallel universe...

In a parallel universe...

Fucked Up Plastic Surgery. Never feel bad about what God gave you. It's always better than this.

Fu*ked Up Plastic Surgery

Fucked Up Plastic Surgery. Never feel bad about what God gave you. It's always better than this.


Whether he’s mad or not, old tom leppard seems extremely happy living in a hand-built home on the isle of skye.


Muscle Shirt and Shorts with a Man Thing Pouch - Old Guy Mint Green Fashion Fail ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail.I can't wait to show Gary!

Mexican Maria Jose Cristerna, known as "Vampire Woman", Guinness World Record for being the woman with more changes in her body in America

Body Mods "and as far as I know Maria Jose Cristerna (Mexico) aka Vampire Woman is a mother of four, a lawyer and a woman with the highest number of body modifications"

Pretty f'kin cool tattoos

Pretty f'kin cool tattoos

By Sasha unisex. Pretty f'kin cool tattoos - If I were to get a tattoo, the lion would be my pick for my Leo Astrology.