so true

This is me with my three Friends who don't like Same with Taylor Swift. Then I start talking with my friend who likes and we're like blahblahblah.

Couldnt have been more wrong! #masterofallwisdom

I was very appalled when I heard that his teacher told him that.

well the Cody Simpson part is right lol

the difference between cody simpson, justin bieber, and one direction fans


One direction Imagine. I am laughing so hard. I don't think I should have found this so funny hahahahaha omfg

Community Post: 21 Eye-Opening Confessions Of One Direction Fans. This is why I listen to one direction

21 Eye-Opening Confessions Of One Direction Fans

So please stop making fun of me for loving a band that made me feel worth it. It would be like me making fun of you doctor for just saving u from some terminal illness. Stop hating on them and in me because they were there for me when treated me like dirt

Yes! Like whats the whole point of a convo when i cant bring up one direction without hearing moans and groans .. like okay then bye <3 ~Brianna

Life of a directioner right there. Oh and did I mention I was PROUD. I only socialize with my friends I have talked to before and family other than directioners. I STILL TALK TO DIRECTIONERS!

This used to be funny but now it just makes me cry

Mobile Apps Fan on

Reminder this was before zayn well zayned and when he was MIA all the time

yup but they don't like Niall Or zayn only Harry Liam and Louis and have no clue who Kevin or Paul or josh are.

Actually most of my friends hate them and the rest don't care.