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beautiful Long colored hair I would never be able to pull this off but it looks pretty on the girls.

Love the way it fades and blends in with the color of her hair

I'm seriously thinking about doing something like this because I'm about to cut off a bunch length, anyway.might be kind of a fun 'adios' to super long hair Dark Black / Brown to Pastel Ombre Hair Color Trends 2015

Love it❤

length & color- all natural, no chemical ways to dye hair purple. Not saying I'll dye my hair through this method. Just loving the hair color

24 Colorful Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Dye Job via Brit + Co.

24 Colorful Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Dye Job

I love her hair; I love her earings; I lover her shirt; I love her makeup,

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Love the brunette pink ombré hair do. this was inspiration for my current brown/pink hair color!


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