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Uyyy 💦

I love everyone's just tilting their head and looking all smoldering and then patrick has that hot boy next door thing going on

okay i love this a lot, but why is it just Patrick and Pete? Where's Joe and Andy guys? GUISE

Pete and Patrick♥♥,>>>> um where is Joe and Andy! There is more to that band than just Pete and Patrick!

I thought it was funny.

PART 56 (how many fandom related things can i share before you hate me)

I love how all the rest of the guys are just watching, but Patrick is doin' a full, sold-out celebration for this person! :D And that's why you rock, Pat!>>>>>>>> I love how he's just like TOUCHDOWN HE PROPOSED

ATTENTION: So maannnyyy pins on this board, I think I'm splitting it into two so please check it out :) I think it will be a lyric board and leave this one to be band pics

Why is this me?

My emo senses are tingling<< The call of the emos.The rise of the emos

Aww look at Pete

If you needed another reason to love Fall Out Boy, here it is. They are amazing.

If you needed another reason to love Fall Out Boy, here it is.<< always wondered what that meant in the Uma Thurman video!

Fall Out Boy 2015

Fall Out Boy American Beauty/American Psycho illustration.and he's my favorite ugh.