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Antique Alice in Wonderland w quote Upcycled Large by SweetMeas, $65.00

Shabby Chic Sign Wall Decor Alice In Wonderland Victorian Steampunk Prim Home Decor

Haha! My beautiful daughter of course..

Love my work friends! Nothing is better than having a great friend like you at work to vent and bitch with, to make our day go by a little faster.

Ill name the shop "comfort food"

I'm going to open an ice cream shop and name the flavors things like: dont be sad, he's not worth it, you deserve better. That would be awesome!

Have a nice day...

Bahaha everyday at work! Change to read 'I have to remember that the .

What day is it, Hump day, Wednesday. Definitely need to create a hump day care package.

Nobody is happier than a camel on Wednesday.cuz its Humpday! Get your Happy Humpday Camel from RowdyTease.

I don't play stupid though.

Literally every day of my life. i always have to explain that I'm not a creeper. i just have a photographic memory!

I am dying laughing right now.

"I enjoy fucking with you". Happy Valentines Day stalker party of one. Now you can say you got a Valentine!

I feel like this sometimes, lmao

How I feel at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love food!

Tired of seeing my Plexus posts on FaceBook? I am sorry go back to posting what you ate today, and pictures of unhappy animals. Cuz that never gets old.

eCard--It’s gotten to the point where I can't even call what I'm doing “procrastinating” anymore, I should just be calling it “jeopardizing my future". So true