11 Things You Need to Throw Away - this is one of those lists that I need to follow about every six months.

11 Things You Need to Throw Away

The first step to taking care of yourself and de-stressing is to make sure that your environment is in order. Seeing your house full of clutter can affect your

Hmm. A good starting point, anyway. Would be good to come up with my own specific list (I'm ruthless about blog subscriptions, but terrible about deleting my own "draft" posts etc)

The Little Guide to Digital Decluttering

Get rid of 5 items from each category in 7 days Challenge for Minimalist Living 1)closet  2) junk drawer  3) personal care drawer  4) sock/undies drawer 5)under the kitchen/bathroom sinks Repeat Weekly. Bonus Point for buying nothing  besides grocery, gas & basic necessity

Want to join me in becoming a minimalist? Start with baby steps and purge things you no longer need and stop buying stuff that are not necessities. Save your money for rainy days, retirement, buying a house, or traveling.

! This is a great resource to use too!

30 Day Decluttering Challenge (with printable!)

Decluttering has changed my life! I love these reasons to simplify. Your Simple Home Handbook goes into detail about how to simplify 30 different areas of your home. Working through the book has totally changed my perspective on possessions!

32 reasons to embrace minimalism. The minimalist trend is up and coming. Is it here to stay? Minimalist living / simple living / purge / spring cleaning / homemaking / sahm / moving / mom life / more time / family / blog / mom blogger / minimalist bedroom / minimalist lifestyle / minimalist living room

32 Reasons I'm Craving All Things Minimalism

Hygge means "taking pleasure from the simple, cozy things in life and the company of friends." Here are 25 tips to bring more hygge into your life.

25 Ways to Fill Your Life with Hygge

My word for the year is the Danish word Hygge. That's what this year seems to need so I've come up with 25 tips on making life more hygge.

Rules to Live By, via Southern Bourbon Mountains: Hoarders: Clothing edition

Best Spring Closet Cleaning Tip - Live Simply Attire Test: How to Decide If Your Clothes Make The Cut - and