that's not how it works

At Least You Tried

As much as I will argue that the vast majority of Americans are smarter than this, and that I love our country, this still makes me smile with those patriotic vibes.

Lol, this is photoshopped. The original photo on Steph's insta doesn't have a dude in the back<<< lol the dude is drake.

You know your Mexican when ...

Clearly, my mom. We ended up eating tamales from december to february. Breakfast and Dinner.

Cheating on the latina

Cheating on the latina, lmao! They always beg for mercy!

growing up hispanic - Google Search

When the white kid in class punches his desk and whispers something under his breath

My feelings be hurt. Pride and everything Pinterest : ¤[ Aʏҽҽ Kɩɖɖɷ ]¤

Smh I always said ew first to avoid it being said to me & they be lookin at me like this and im like NOOOO I WANT U NO fml bye hate school.

Racial Self- I am used to eating tacos due to where I am from. My grandmother sold tacos in Mexico for a living. She made me used to tacos. Tacos are life.

You understand, now?

Authentic crunchy bean tacos are my fav! But I like the "North American" tacos, too!

Growing up Mexican, Mexican humor, chamoy

Growing up Mexican, Mexican humor, chamoy more like when I hook myself up with extra chamoy