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What world do you live in?

What world do you live in?<<<And what books are you reading? Cuz most of the ones I like don't have these so-called happy endings…


19 Photos That Will Make You Laugh Without Knowing Why . is this 'senpai notice me' 😂

the "normal heart rate" on this pic is actually wrong and would be abnormal. The QRS interval is irregular and the heart beat (rhythm) would be beating too fast.. Just saying... #physiology #fangirlproblems

Fangirl problems on

If that's your normal heartbeat you need to speak with a doctor immediately.


There are a lot of funny Starbucks stories out there, but this one has to easily be one of the best of all time. It's short, but just plain hilarious.

How I feel when I want to kill them, and you won't let me.

Trying To Protect Your Favorite Characters


me reading Divergent,hunger games,maze runner,devils kiss and pretty much every book ive ever red.