prom night dress tall bearded irises tuber rhizomes roots flowers

tall bearded irises tuber rhizomes roots flowers (We always had these growing at home when I was a kid. Loved the smell of them.


Iris Douglasiana ‘PB&J'. Native to CA, these Irises can deal without summer watering once they are established & they grow well under Oaks.

The Blue Iris: Bearded Iris "Edith Wolford"

Tall Iris, 'Edith Wolford' is a herbaceous perennial that grows up to tall. The beautiful yellow and blue flowers bloom mid spring. The plant is critter resistant and drought tolerant. Grows in sun to part shade.


Tall Bearded Irises at Iris Mart: bearded & reblooming Irises Fantastic Garden

Iris 'Long Embrace'

Iris "Long Embrace" what a beautiful flower wish I could grow things

Bearded Iris Mother Earth | Iris germanica | Colorful Blooms and Attractive Foliage on Easy to Grow Plants

Bearded Iris Mother Earth from American Meadows, your trusted source for Iris. We offer gardeners guaranteed Bearded Iris Mother Earth and all the information and confidence needed to succeed.



Yellow iris

Bearded Iris 'Clothed In Glory' another of my favorite flowers. Like the Dalia they come a wide variety of colors.