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- ̗̀ make art, be art ̖́-

blossomcrowns: “My lovely little room additions ✨ ”

Sunny Funny Faced - My lovely little room additions ✨💕

I need to tell you that its okay if your sad, because people always want you to be happy, but that's crap

This bed-studio with storage ladder is a symbol of NOT-procrastination. Every element in the room is designed for work without impediment or delay: the nea

me after dryland & swimming: "alriGHT THAT'S IT WHERE'S MY SIX PACK"

It’s so bright in my room I have to wear shades》i want my room to bright, its always so dark

- ̗̀ life imitates art ̖́-

layzpeach: “bout 2 develop this wall ”

Tavi in her bedroom by Petra Collins for The Ardorous

this is the kinda cluttered organisation that we want. if our room looked like this, we would be happy

Mornings like these are what makes summer worthwhile.

Sunny Funny Faced - Mornings like these are what makes summer.

Amanda. XVII. IB student. I am not throwing away my shot [i track #revisicn]

just another art hoe — audreyhoorne: lowkey obsessed with my dorm //.

pinterest// jociiiiiiiiiiii

todosmismiedos: “ My favourite place ”

The Iron Lady.  Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher-Victory for the Iron Lady. Sure, she was controversial, but in my modest opinion she showed more guts under stress than many men I know, including myself. Alongside the Queen, she will remain a vibrant page of English century history.