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500 × 384 Pixel on Designspiration

| b l o o d • o f • t h e • r o s e s | ᵩ

| b l o o d • o f • t h e • r o s e s | ᵩ

#black #blackaesthetic #aesthetic #aes #dark #tumblr #goth #onlyblack #photograph #shadow  - ғollow ғor мorə; @нodayaвə13

#black #blackaesthetic #aesthetic #aes #dark #tumblr #goth #onlyblack #photograph #shadow - ғollow ғor мorə; @нodayaвə13

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sing, o goddess

"If you ever need sanctuary..."

"If you ever need sanctuary..."


Fade into Darkness

Я - все, что мертво... Я - пустоты и тьмы, и смерти порожденье... всего того, чему ничто названье.

❝ the strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth, darkness will make you strong.

Her: Để em có tình cảm với tôi đó đã là lỗi của tôi rồi.

✧ @happyandstupid ✧

✧ @happyandstupid ✧

"Find the shadows that whisper, find the midnight of the bells, find the darkness that traps me, traps us all.

Photographer: Rod Camelon Model: Blue Hernandez - Dark Beauty

inferrance: “ By. Rod Camelon on We Heart It.


Blake, broken glass (Book 1 - at the beginning)

Hands in the dark, photo by.

Chica con capucha y cráneo de animal en las manos

An Exquisite Paradox