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I probably won't let my kids play it even then.  Possibly when they're 13.  Possibly.  I'm the nerdy strict parent.

Call of Duty, Games, and Gaming: GAMING RULE You shouldn't be playing games like Call of Duty if you are under the age of 12

Gaming Rules

Biggest pet peeve ever! And don't let your children scream their heads off. Just take the damn mic off at that point! end rant

Geek's game room! Yeah

Uncategorized Amazing Gaming Room Setup With Great Lighting Gaming Computer Setups as The Newest and Mind Blowing

This was starcraft for me

I Thought The Campaign Would Prepare Me For Multiplayer

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When you put dark souls down for two seconds to go to the bathroom and you hear that fateful death tone after you die.

I can't even describe how true this is. Lol.

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I'm practically scared of lowering my self-asteem so I don't play online.