Iconic sci-fi art from Alex Chin Yu Chu

Iconic sci-fi art from Alex Chin Yu Chu

Alex Chin Yu Chu is a concept artist who's worked on titles like Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition and Tomb Raider: Underworld. More recently he's been working on Halo: Reach and Destiny with Bungie.

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Isaac Hannaford is a concept artist at former Halo developers (and series creators) Bungie, who recently got the all-clear to post a ton of his work on his personal site. Good news for us!

Halo Concept Artwork from Issac Hannaford. Really liking his art for Halo

Gears of Halo: Halo Concept Art by various Bungie Artists

Two UNSC Paris-class frigates orbiting Reach

Two UNSC Frigates in orbit over the planet Reach Screencapped from Halo: Reach Multiplayer map 'Anchor