(Patreon Reward) Through Hell and Back by Rookie425 on DeviantArt

Patreon Reward for one of my NAVSPECWAR Group members, featuring brushing off the aftermath of a firestorm.Hi-Res Check out my Patreon for your ch. (Patreon Reward) Through Hell and Back

Master Chief's suit in Halo 4. I think I like this one the best

Halo 4 master chief, you get his armor for completing the game on legendary, also this is Mark IV armor

Halo Armor, Halo Spartan, Halo Reach, Character Concept, Enemies, Xbox, Futuristic, Rome, Knight

Halo weapons by googlememan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

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Master Chief

A small dump of master halo concepts and futuristic power rangers - Album on…

Halo's bada**rides

All the Halo vehicles I hate to drive (except the Ghost).<<< I only hate driving the wraith