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Book Reader's Heaven: Terri Barnett's Shadow Dreams Lovely Fantasy But With Wicked High Priestess!

I love spider webs. Once, I was lucky enough to watch a large garden spider build it's web. It was awesome. I would love the chance to watch a spider build one like this!

Hosta Leaves 10 by Ralph Gabriner. Simple, yet profound...

Hosta Leaves 10 by Ralph Gabriner (Color Photograph

Great shape inspiration for foldforms (Ralph Gabriner "Hosta Leaves Color Photograph). This would be great inspiration for metal-forming a pendant or earrings.

water lily

Botanica Magnifica is the photography portfolio of Jonathan Singer. Some of his work focusses on photographing endangered flowers.

Peacock feather under a microscope!  Found on FB "Bead Weaving with a Needle" page)

Peacock feather under a microscope - this is not beadwork but I can imagine these colors/texture stitched together in spiral seed bead work. The image breaks the palette down very nicely Knit texture ideas

Picture of microphotograph of clematis root cross section slide

natural mandala - microscopic cross section of clematis root & tom grundy

Matteo Pugliese

Esculturas humanas brotando da parede

The artist Matteo Pugliese has created a sensational project of bronze sculptures that are born from the wall

Golden ratio


An image of an Arabidopsis thaliana flower, commonly known as thale cress. Stefan Eberhard.

18 Mind-Blowing Images From The World Of Science

Scanning electron micrograph of part of a thale cress flower, showing the male and female reproductive organs. The female part of the flower, the pistil (the blue feathery structure on an olive green.

SEM Images  Foxglove seed (Digitalis purpurea)

Science Image of Foxglove seed (Digitalis purpurea) from PS MicroGraphs. Specialists in Science Images.