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Is this suggesting he grinning because he saw Cecil? Because that's the cutest damn thing ever. #cecilos4lyf

Cecil on meeting Carlos for the first time and instantly falling in love. 1 Through the entire podcast I was thinking what if Carlos listens to the radio?

Night vale

cecil welcome to night vale night vale wtnv cecil baldwin electricart my headcanon cecil has a third eye tattoo instead but i guess it might still be able to see

Okay but that's exactly how I imagine Steve to look

I feel like the Cecil/Steve Carlsberg relationship is like a Micheal and Toby relationship from the office

night vale cecil cosplay - Google Search>> "welcome... to nightvale" - (( The crooked smile makes it oh my Goood <3 - Featherhowl ))

night vale cecil cosplay - Definitely got the abruptly changing facial expressions to match the abruptly changing tone