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Cool eye make up for green/blue eyes! Green eyeshadow on the top eyelid and purple eyeshadow on the bottom lid to enhance the greenish of this almond shaped eye with to accentuate the eyelashes!

Super hero eye makeup

19 Totally Bizarre Pieces Of Americana

"Makeup your Jangsara: Avengers: Captain America" (eye makeup red white blue fantasy comic glitter) sglrpick

Purple eyeshadow love

Purple make up for brown eyes. I wouldn't go quite as 'bold' with the under eye makeup and maybe not so many layers, but purple, done like this, on brown eyes is stunning.

Bronze Blue and Purple

I've been really into the "pop of color". This look is neutral with a well done pop of color. Picture found on weheartit

Pretty makeup Lips: Use a very light baby pink or nude matte lipstick. Eyes: Apply a dark blue liner to your top and bottom lash line, then sweep shimmery white or light blue shadow to your brow bone.

Make up style: peacock eye shadow.Habanera duo eye shadow by Nars would be a great color to achieve this look.


Eye Makeup Tips – Hazel Eyes Hazel eyes are less common than all the other eye colors due to lower amounts of the pigment creator located in the iris, melanin. Hazel eyes are a variation of green eyes, blue eyes or brown eyes and often have.

Set the mood at Coachella this weekend with this inspired eye makeup applicat..

Urban Decay Electric Palette Trifecta of awesome, pink, purple, teal. Love these colors!

Kaşların koyu renkli ve keskin olmasını istiyorsanız yada kaşlarınızda dökülme ve seyreklik varsa kaş kalemiyle doğal bir boyama gerçekleştirebilirsiniz. Kaş kalem ile nasıl boyanır. Kaş kalemi doğal görünüm veriri mi? Kaş kalemi nasıl kullanılır? Kaş kelemini uygularken yanında kahverengi, bej renkli farlar ve kapatıcı bir stick ile birlikte uygulayın. Farları bir fırça yrdımıyla dağıtın böylelikle kalem izi gidecek ve doğal bir görünüm sağlayacaktır. Kaş Nasıl Kalınlaştırılır? Aşağıda…

Brow Guidance- So many women need to pay more attention to their eyebrows. Think of your brows as the frame around a picture.your gorgeous eyes.

When it comes to eyeshadow, look on the bright side :)

Neon eye makeup-not something to wear everyday but i Really want learn to do the neon makeup thing

Farklı Eyeliner Sürme Şekilleri

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