Julian-Morris.... Prince Phillip in the next season of Once!  Yayayay!

'Once Upon a Time' scoop: 'Pretty Little Liars' actor is the new prince

Julian-Morris aka Prince Phillip from Once Upon a Time. Man, this show has great men.

Max Minghella

Miles Teller, Max Minghella, Julian Morris + More for Vanity Fair France

Julian Morris, this beautiful man is now on New Girl as Jess' love interest... and he's British... I'm excited ;)

Julian Morris - 31 (Prince Phillip from Once Upon A Time TV series)

I've never seen PLL but this Julian Morris guy...blimey

Julian David Morris (born 13 January is an English actor best known for his roles in Kelly + Victor, Hand of God, Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars.

holy gorgeous brant Daugherty pretty little liars Noel

Noel Kahn-Brant Daugherty I feel like his hottness is forgoten when talking about pretty little liars