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Meanwhile at Walmart. The fact that he's wearing a Cookie Monster crop top or the fact that he's got an entire shopping cart full of cookies and he's contemplating getting more. Like he is literally the Cookie Monster.

26 WTF Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart

26 WTF Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart

26 WTF Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart. Wow this might be the most extreme case of WTF Walmart I I have EVER seen.

lol @Angie Hobbs I ALMOST DIED

Lueck this is me as Wonder Woman. Clearly I won't be dressing as Wonder Woman Crazy superhero costumes! Check them out!


flying baby is needed to the showroom floor. flying baby to the showroom floor.

Please don’t let shark finning be a thing

Awesome Funny People of Walmart In Weird Outfits. I now feel better about myself!

I want to do all of them and record the cashiers reactions

Funny pictures about The Walmart game. Oh, and cool pics about The Walmart game. Also, The Walmart game.

Meanwhile People At McDonalds

Funny pictures about It's a bit cold. Oh, and cool pics about It's a bit cold. Also, It's a bit cold.

Meanwhile At Walmart !!!! But you telling me you don't see her doing that WTF

People of walmart--I swear I saw a kid doing this same thing a few days ago at Walmart. The mom was oblivious.

If Monday was a person

Funny pictures about If Monday was a person. Oh, and cool pics about If Monday was a person. Also, If Monday was a person.

Crash: The buggy tips after hitting a pothole

Peaches Geldof spills the baby but not the phone, as she scoops him up and carries on the conversation

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 64 pics. Don't Text And Mommy At The Same Time

Lionel Richie Invites

We Love 80s-themed Parties!

Honestly, I laughed out loud. I don't know why because Lionel Richie is such an easy target, but LR jokes crack me up, every time.

hahahahaha oh my gosh I died laughing. Poor kid

This is what happens when ridiculous shows like Toddlers and Tiaras become popular. Toddlers that look like hookers!

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