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Airy Dresses Carved From Marble

Airy Dresses Carved From Marble

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Lighting has been big in recent years, with designers using new technology and materials to create uniquely-designed lamps, chandeliers, and sconces that are endlessly creative and beautifully sculptural. Now it seems like mirrors are following suit, as designers experiment with new methods and shapes to make interesting and reflective decor that straddles the line between art and function. Here are some recent favorites that put beauty in the mundane.

Design Trend: A Gallery of Bold & Innovative Mirrors

Oyyo Dhurries 100% organic Cotton

Oyyo dhurries (carpets) made from organic cotton and vivid vegetable dyes - love!


Noto dhurrie-- made in India by Scandanavian design company Oyyo--blue and white triangles with a little optical vibration.se, shows a better view.

These rugs by Forian Pucher " are themed after farming styles from Europe to Africa to America, each pattern inspired by a regional approach to agriculture in terms of both foods grown and land use."

Rugs design, realize that each puzzle piece fits together like traditional farm plots from the air - Interior Design - Home Interior Desi.

As British beekeepers suffer from a dramatic drop in honey production and a   lack of government support, they are becoming increasingly frustrated by the   funds accorded to their EU counterparts. Glen Milner visits   beekeepers in Romania to see how EU investment has helped them improve their   productivity.

A short documentary on the lives of Romania's nomadic Beekeepers. Organic farming, vast unspoilt landscapes, and government programs have seen the bee population…