Interior for Students by Ruetemple...I need this

A mezzanine hammock and a multipurpose staircase with shelves have been added to this play and study space for a brother and sister by Ruetemple.

Hammock bed - this gave me an idea. wouldnt it be fun (if i was rich) to have a huge kids playroom with a built in indoor trampoline for the kids to jump! (kinda like where this hammock is- floor level- but tramp! I want this one day :)


I want a hammock in my house! Joris Brouwers and Nicky Zwaan's Amsterdam home built constructed of concrete floors, clay walls, OSB staircase, window light and a plant jungle

The interior project, which features a hammock designed for several people to lounge on, was completed for a TV show called Cottage Solution on NTV.

The amazing flexible furniture that will make dual living a breeze

#Fish Tank #Friday: Bathroom Aquaria. The technology section is a veritable treasure trove of pointless crap. Not getting the fish in the bathroom thing running rampant there, either. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FLUSH?!?!

Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit - studies show that fish tanks can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. Wonder the effects a toilet fish tank can have?

I am absolutely putting a slide on my staircase someday

Stair Slide -- its always a happy day with Slide Stairs! If I'm ever rich enough to have a slid/stair case like this lol I want this!


this is net a project by croatian-austraian design group numen/for use. with layers of netting hung is spaces, forming a 'floating landscape' open for visitors to climb and explore. a social art work. house of contemporary art, hasselt, belgium.

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21 Hammock Design Ideas Add Cozy Atmosphere to Your Home

HAMMOCK BED LOFT 14 Inspirational Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers // This large bedroom has it all - a space just for sleeping, a desk area for studying, and a suspended netted area perfect for reading in.

Get Inspired, visit: #myhouseidea #interiordesign #interior…

This open and spacious loft of square feet was designed by Polish architects Cuns Studio, located near the center of the city of Poznań, Poland.

So cool

Stairway decorating ideas and designs, original wooden staircases, metal stairs, ideas to use space under the stairs.

Contemporary Kids by Andrew Maynard Architects. The net, reached from the ground floor by a set of steps, enables eager climbers like the twins and their friends to keep an eye on the street and backyard action. It also provides a comfortable and bouncy place in which to read, draw and dream. The safety netting is attached wall to wall and is strong enough to survive energetic 8-year-olds. The eye-catching tower connects to the original clapboard building by a short glass-enclosed link.

Floating Reading Nook, Australia © Peter Bennetts [[MORE]] Tower House / Andrew Maynard Architects, Source

hammock ceiling flooring. this is just crazy!! don't know if I would even try this lol

A net floor- it's like a gigantic hammock inside! Sweet this would be an awesome couch

bunk bed rooms- Beautiful! the color is calming and yoga-ish. and the built in bookshelf is absolutely marvling!

mezzanine: a steel structure supporting an upstairs work room and a downstairs kitchen.