True Southern belle, but not with Hollister jeans. Cause any true Southern woman's butt would be way too big to fit in those jeans. Definitely will not be name brand but love the style!

Monogrammed Comfort Colors Long Sleeve Shirt i cant even express how much i want this

casual classy preppy outfit. riding boots make it perfect for fall

If I could redo my closet with anything it would be preppy stuff. This is sooo my style. Pinning for the clothes and the caption.

Cozy, Comfortable, casual fall/winter Plaid and blue jeans set with brown boots with knit leg warmers and adorable beanie.

black leggings, white blouse, green quilted vest, tall brown boots, pearl studs - love it! But I will be substituting my blue quilted vest instead of buying a green one

"Green & Navy" - Blue Jeans, White Tee, Navy Pullover, Green Scarf, Tall Brown Boots = A great outfit for fall or winter