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Dark Souls Art Book

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Knight Artorias (Dark Souls II) Seoul Comic World 2015

Artorias, Seoul Comic World 135

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armor artorias_the_abysswalker artsed black_hair braid dark_souls full_armor gauntlets glomp height_difference helmet hug knight lord's_blade_ciaran mask ponytail single_braid souls_(from_software)

Illustrations from Dark Souls and Bloodborne

Illustrations from Dark Souls and Bloodborne

Artorias and Ciaran by Royalty-Doc

Two of the most tragic characters from Dark Souls, Knight Artorias, the Abyss Walker, and Lords Blade Ciaran. These warriors in the service of Lord Gwyn. Artorias and Ciaran

This is an armor set from dark souls. And to me it represent the game that has…

This papercraft is the Elite Knight Set, a medium armor set in the action role-playing video game Dark Souls, the paper model is created by Replica.