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To be honest, looking at this makes me wonder if I really want a wedding dress or something like this. So gorgeous

What Style Wedding Dress Is For You

Not fandom related but I figured someone here could relate..... I barely exist in people's lives other than my children & my family. I don't have any real friends or even anyone that I speak to on a regular basis. I haven't even made or received a phone call in the last 4yrs that wasn't my family, a doctor, church, or school related. Makes me wonder what I'm even doing here anymore.

I don't feel like I'm terribly important to anyone anymore. I just kinda exist in people's lives.

seeing this makes me wonder why i want my lip done lol this looks scary as hell

Getting Your Lip Pierced

lip piercing, yep thats how it goes. I want another lip ring sooo bad

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White Mood

11 Things to See at FRIEZE London ? The WILD Magazine, neon sign, you make me wonder, words