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omgooooooosssshhhhh! I'm dyyyyyyiiiiinnnngggggggg! Hahahahaahahahahahahaahahaha!

The Universe Hates Me…

Funny pictures about The Universe Hates Me. Oh, and cool pics about The Universe Hates Me. Also, The Universe Hates Me.

Dysautomnia...immune system has lost ability to react appropriately and either over- or under-reacts.

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun

THE MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL! Aaaah I binge watched the whole series in like 3 days when I first discovered it... I miss it so much :/

Would you like a glass of Diet Air with that? Most Popular Girls in School

That's more like it.

A Cold One -- Jeff Wysaski

4151881_460s.jpg (460×3345)

I laughed soooo hard! Strange that the girlfriend/wife didn't notice the change in her lover's voice, but that day he became her ideal man! :) Just wait until her friends hear about this.

Seriously. I don't mind being single, but where do other people find these strings of significant others?

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Still sitting in this fucking place.that calls themselves a hospital.but it occurred to me to say fuck it.I'm gonna be single, wave bye to the past and welcome the future.