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yellow rose: I also pinned this in Barn's my mom might like. What I said is, that my mom loves yellow roses, so this beautiful yellow rose is for her, my mother, a beautiful lady.

Image source: http://vandavintage.tumblr.com

Bluebells - I sensed the heady, strong, perfume of Bluebells. Not entirely sure if was bluebells or not but that is what this FC brought to mind!

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Fritillaria meleagris~~Snakeshead Fritillary~~traditionally found in ancient flower-rich flood-plain meadows, so does well in a soggy garden. Now in flower in my garden

Magnolia, so pure and here in the UK they come out early, this year there were no frosts to tarnish their beauty.

Few things are as beautiful as a magnolia tree in full bloom! This flower is a symbol of beauty, sweetness and femininity . today its a thing of beauty .

Magnolia soulangiana

Fond memories - My MeMe had a Japanese Magnolia tree in her front yard. I promice myself this springs I am planting Lady Magnolia Tree just like this one !