Sebastian Stan as Lance Tucker; The Bronze (2015) gifs

The biggest fucking dork in the world & we wouldn't change him for anything. Sebastian Stan in The Bronze

It always ends in a fight.

I'll hold you until the shadows pass and without knowing you'll wash away the darkness in my soul

#wattpad #losowo Okładka została wykonana przez  LittleCookie_ i Domii09.  Zapraszam na zbiór gifów z aktorami Marvela. To Ty jesteś główną bohaterką. Będą tu imaginy z takimi aktorami jak: - Sebastian Stan - Chris Hemsworth - Tom Hiddleston - Chris Evans - Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Jeremy Renner - Robert Downey Jr. ...

❣Imagify z aktorami MARVELA❣ - Sebastian Stan część 1


Your Bucky — Every time I see Seb my heart hurts because he is.

Sebastian Stan

Mostly Sebastian Stan & Frank Grillo, some Chris Evans and a lot of fangirling.

Sebastian Stan, are you trying to kill us?

Sebastian Stan<< we literally just pin this man breathing because we are all that obsessed

I don't even know why I'm pinning this... yaaas I do ;)

I wish, as many of my fellow Sebastian lovers do, that he knew just how much my heart yearns for him.

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"Sebastian, will you do my homework." // thewhitelies // sebastian stan gif << my heart 😩