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innish Lapphund Also known as the Lapinkoira, Lapponian Shepherd Dog, and Suomenlapinkoira in its native Finnish, these dogs aided the semi-nomadic Tribe, the Sami, by guarding their reindeer herds. With the arrival or the snowmobile this breed went almost extinct. Luckily around 1940s an interest in preserving the breed began to grow in Finland, and the Lapphund has been on the incline ever since. http://www.akc.org/breeds/finnish_lapphund/history.cfm

Finnish Lapphund they are : Faithful, Friendly, Calm, Keen, Courageous


This agile and hardworking breed resembles a fox in many ways. The Finnish Spitz features erect ears, a dense coat, and a bushy tail, appearing in a range of colors from pale honey to deep auburn. A truly beautiful dog!

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On the list of Chubby Puppies Who Look like Teddy Bears, this German Shepherd/Akita/Corgi Mix is my favorite!

Finnish Lapphunds have been used for centuries by reindeer herders in Northern Scandinavia.