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It's official, English Bulldogs can sleep at absolutely any time and anywhere. We challenge you to find a location and time that a Bulldog wouldn't find a way to nap!

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Hi, everyone...

Happy face – The little puppy wants someone to play with it. How can you not smile at his happy face?

Can we snuggle with this English bulldog puppy?

English Bulldog Puppy Barks For The First Time And Has The Funniest Reaction

cheeky bum

Baby, bulldog, bare bums and bath time. Photo by Ominous Clouds' Bruce

❤ Prepared for winter --- should it come --- other wise --- JUST TOO CUTE ❤

❤ Good night Sister Angel Friends, may God keep you safe & in His care & keep you warm. Bundle up tomorrow if you are going out & know He & I love you dearly.

It's been a long day for this bulldog pup! End your day with some good karma and fun trivia: play Feed-A-Pet at www.petproject.com!

Exhausting day at the dog park! we may have seen this face/position a time or two!