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💖🎅🎄✨🎁 “ The voltron crew are celebrating the holidays and Coran made everyone.

angus-wyatt-voltron-print.jpg (1920×1251)

angus-wyatt-voltron-print.jpg (1920×1251)

Audgeart- Pidge and Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender

Am I the only one in pidgance hell? I should iterate this is an au.<< it's cute but I like Kidge better

voltron text post

voltron text posts are amazing I love this fandom

by @smallchickens on tumblr

Can we all just agree Lance looked fucking cute as hell here smallchickens: “okay listen… these outfits were iconic,, i must express my love ”

Do I think Pidge would actually do this? Yes, yes I do. Canonize all the things

Honestly the part of this post talking about pidge being in the vents made me think of ezra bridger from star wars rebels cuz he's always in air vents 😂