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💖🎅🎄✨🎁 “ The voltron crew are celebrating the holidays and Coran made everyone.

Check this out

Reminded me of you

Shiro just boops her nose and she goes back to normal. Both of them continue their normal day

From dorkyfandomlord's tumblr. GIVE ME THEM THEORIES I LUV THEM

Also if you're going on that line of thought on that graph each element aka paladin has a line going from them to another paladin that they are closer with (Lance with Keith and Hunk, Shiro with Pidge and Kieth, etc)

Shiro aint fooling anybody

i honestly dont like shallura but this is cute so bleh

angus-wyatt-voltron-print.jpg (1920×1251)

angus-wyatt-voltron-print.jpg (1920×1251)


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