If you are curious about When to Plant Peony Flowers for Spring, here are some helpful tips I've found to share with you! I love these Beautiful Peonies!

Peonies. My favorite.

Peony ~MYRTLE GENTRY, 1925 Often called the most fragrant peony of all, ‘Myrtle’ opens pale pink with hints of cream and apricot before maturing to a lovely white.

peonies flowers | when seeding peony flowers as soon as they are acquired being cautious ...

My favorite flower. Nothing means summer to me more than blooming peonies.

Paeonia Bowl of Cream, $31.95 at White Flower Farm. This midseason herbaceous peony's hardiness zone is 3-7S; 3-8W. Height 31"; deer resistant; full sun; blooms in June; spacing 24-30". "Fragrant, pure-white double flowers measuring up to 8" across ... Glorious in bouquets, Bowl of Cream is a Gold Medal winner." Likes full sun and neutral to sweet soil. (Southerners should seek out early bloomers and provide afternoon shade.) Shrugs off cold. Cut flowers last more than a week if cut in full…

Peony Bowl of Cream