Literally the only stomach tattoo that I've ever liked. The lines fit the feminine figure more than the usual tacky shooting stars or flowers with filigree

Henna Tattoos

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trampoline hand tattoo

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Tolkien Elvish note passing

I'm sorry you mean teenage nerd girls are hardcore<<<I'm sorry, you mean nerdy geeks are hardcore. I learned Aurebesh and Wing Dings when I was 11 and a half.

Tattoo artist Brian Woo’s dad wanted him to be a doctor, but instead of textbooks, Woo began to experiment with tattoos at 13. Soon he was apprenticed at Shamrock Social Club in LA, where stars like the Sex Pistols, Tupac, and Johnny Depp have been tattooed and waiting lists can be over a year long.

Geometric Tattoos By Dr. Woo Who’s Been Experimenting With Ink Since He Was 13

with pain comes strength tattoo - inner bicep

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"Lines play a big role in my work, as I love the way they can emphasise the shape of the body. Hence every design must be as individual as the body it is made for. The placement of a tattoo is as crucial as the design; it should flow naturally with the shape of the body.": Sanne Vaghi

Nature-Inspired Tattoos That Flow Like Veins