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Spiral Staircase. @designerwallace

People never know what photography can make look beautiful - in this case spiral staircases. Here are some really beautiful 35 spiral staircase photographs that

Spiral - Investors Europe Stock Brokers Gibraltar

looked like a nautilus to me apophysis hack some help from Fiery-Fire's julian disc tutorial Snail Shell

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas

Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea distinguish this showy summer-flowering shrub. Vanilla Strawberry (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Renhy’) is a hybrid of an easy-growing, sun-loving hydrangea species.

Spiral butterfly tongue

Olympus BioScapes 2012

Median (inner) side of an unassuming, tiny gray moth's proboscis, covered in mechano- and chemo-sensory hairs. Igor Siwanowicz // HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus // Ashburn, Virginia, USA

succulents make my day

succulents make my day