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Avaimia, jotka avaavat...

Finding the Key

clé Photo by Michelle Morris Love old keys. so much mystery.

The key to Madisyn's ancient-looking book. It is a pale silver and it is about the size of her index finger, easily hidden away.

I often wonder, upon seeing old keys -- what did you unlock, once upon a time?

old red door

The lock reminds me of my childhood and on my Aunt Ella Mae's Farm in Saltville…

Здравствуйте,  дорогие! И  наконец-то  оставшиеся  типы  в  теории  линий - натуральные типажи или  stable. Предыдущие  статьи  по  теории…

Теория линий: Натуралы


alternativepurple: ~Wonderful Key~ “…summer softens lines that winter cruelly shows…” ― John Geddes

abstractonist: vertical

antique keys in old door keyholes, spider webs, into what portal passages into time travel entrances, keyring, old vintage black white photograph photography

"You know, sometimes no matter how much you think you're giving or doing to make a relationship work, unless you're speaking the same language, it doesn't matter."  She narrowed her eyes.  "And I'm not talking English here, kid."

Missing Link: The key to your heart. Let me find the key to your heart so I can unlock your secret chambers of love; when I do find that key, I will lock myself in your heart forever…