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SURFBOARD (They All Hate Us)

SURFBOARD (They All Hate Us)

above: surf art not fashion “the marble surfboards above were part of the belgian marbles show produced by the reena spaulings gallery; made of marble, they are precise copies of boards from the mollusk surf shop in brooklyn.

Beach /lnemnyi/lilllyy66/ Find more inspiration here: http://weheartit.com/nemenyilili/collections/22986185-summertime

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Alexander Wang Haydenshapes Cage22jpg

Alexander Wang Haydenshapes Cage22jpg

5 marble print surfboards created by Wang and Haydenshapes’ founder, Hayden Cox. They were also handmade by Cox in the shape of ‘Hypto Krypto

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Light as a feather / swami's phantom feather surfboards.

My First Surfboard

beautiful picture of how it feels to float on waves: feather surf boards