I would love to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower! Looks super romantic

Paris, France Paris, France Paris, France products-i-love. My dream trip will make it there in next 5 years.

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Jigsaw puzzle of 500 pieces made by Educa: 500 pcs - Eiffel Tower, Paris - Black and White (by Educa). A 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle made by Educa (reference Size: 48 x 34 cm (= x inch). Special series: Black and White.

Unfinished Eiffel Tower, this can help us understand life a little more.  Things are built.

AD Classics: Eiffel Tower / Gustave Eiffel

When the City of Paris assumed ownership of the Eiffel Tower in there were plans to have the structure dismantled. But because the Eiffel Tower served as a vital communications hub, the city ultimately decided to let it be.

Eiffel Feels Stormy Today

Paris- city of lights, love, and someother stuff. Cant wait to see all of paris from the eiffel tower!

Paris, France

Paris, France I wan to get lost in this maze. let's say if i'm not back in a decade. just wait longer