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Ihrer Augen .. Ich habe mich in ihnen verloren.

Beautiful blue eyed cat,,,,looks like my Harley with his blue eyes!

Siamese cat

I miss having a Siamese cat. My 3 were so dear to me. Life is poorer without them. The last crossed the Rainbow Bridge several years ago--and now I have a lease that doesn't allow the kitties - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

My eyes are not for real… - http://cutecatshq.com/cats/my-eyes-are-not-for-real/

KITTEH ADVICE: " Do nots let yer kittehs outside on Halloween. Especially us in de black group. And don'ts let outdoors any cats dat are not spayed or neutered.

#kitty is sooo #cute ! sleeping beauty !

(KO) Sleeping in the sunshine. This little orange kitty is a sweet sight!