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Its so sweet

Daniel Radcliffe on Fred's death scene. I think quotes about Fred and George and the actors reactions to playing out this scene are one of the reasons why I finally gave in and let my bff convince me to read the books/watch the movies.

I think this says so much about how tightly knit the cast of HP really was and how completely they became their characters. I doubt they needed any help finding tears that day.

Fred ~~ Never have I cried so hard while reading a book, than the moment Fred died. One twin should not have to live without the other.

So I guess Fred & George aren't like Hikaru & Kaoru after all...dang it!

Funny that Hikaru and Kaoru were created after these two fabulous redheads haha twincest

This is legit me

Ughhh my brother does this to me and he doesn't even know who peeves is🙄