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My momma was a firm believer in this.when I see this quote, my thoughts turn to her. Am I making the most of the "dash?

Everyone has the same heart-Inspirational quotes

Downright Simple: Mudroom Entryway - Maximizing a Small Space '; 30 Christmas gift ideas for the Harry Potter fan .


Motivational Wallpaper with Quote on Life: You only live once false. Motivational Wallpaper with Quote on Life You only live once false. You live everyday. you


"She decided to start living the life she imagined." This has been my goal since entering college. I've replaced wishing and sighing with goal setting and action.

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Staying quiet doesn't mean I have nothing to say. It means I don't think you're ready to hear my thoughts.

And I actually have a heart and have more respect and class than to sleep with a married man. Your disgusting and you got played. Karma will get you and I hope you hurt as much as I did

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that's all" -Oscar Wilde

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