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Australian Cattle Dog, aka blue heeler. Looks exactly like our dog, Gunner, who was a member of our family for 15 years and an awesome dog - he will be missed.

Did You Know? - The longest lived dog (Guinness Book of World Records) was an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), named Bluey, who lived to be

Australian Shepherd dogs are my favorite breed of dogs. If you start owing one you will have difficulty not wanting another one :)

Gallery for Australian Shepherd Puppies With Blue Eyes. Australian Shepherd Puppy With Blue Eyes Pictures

austrailian shepard= so cute, one of the healthiest breeds, and so smart! My next dog

minature austrailian shepard- we are gunna have one of these babies in like 9 weeks:) & the count down begins

20 Portraits attachants de chiens en milieu rural

20 Portraits attachants de chiens en milieu rural

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Australian Shepherds Blue Merle

The Aussie Weekly — The Weekly Special Feature for Australian Shepherd Lovers — Photo: Denise Robbins, Aussie: Misty Blue and Pachee