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the-young-bloods: “shutupshonna: “tbh. ” same i just sometimkes cry when i mad idk why cant help it ”

The Internet is full of quotes. Some of them are inspiring, motivational, hilarious, or relatable in a great way. Some of them! Most of them, unfortunately, are stereotypical nonsense that make very little sense and also reduce groups of people to one narrow personality. I am, of course, referring to quotes about being a girl.

The 20 Worst Pinterest Quotes About Being A Girl That Will Make You Scream


*sighs loudly* can we just skip to when I'm 70 and all the young folk think I'm adorable?

I legit get butt hurt when my mom doesn't text me back. I am your whole life?

This is so true, like my classmates do the craziest stuff.

everyone knows that, why i dont complain about school and never did because its always been fun and memorable. i always loved school