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*pancakes beat all*

kuroshitsuji/black butler #anime

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Black butler characters relationships with each other summed up in a FB conversation

I feel the samr

Nooo the poor cake xD

Black Butler (kuroshitsuji) should have just let Sebastian kill him... So true

Black Butler (kuroshitsuji) should have just let Sebastian kill him.

You might say Ciel was a little bit "bitter"ish that day xD

I can imagine that with Hetalia XD


Black Butler Too bad, Ciel. I'm not sure whether to side with Alois or Sebastian on this one.

Funny kuroshitsuji

Pinning because of Tanaka xD

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"what does Ciel´s foot taste like?

Omfg BAHAHAHA funny sebaciel bassy would NEVER do that to ciel but still funny

Oh my lordie

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Oh wow, that was shipped fast

Ciel and alois

I'm with Ciel right now ^^^^^^OMGOSH! We just got 5 baby turtles smaller than your hand…they keep flipping themselves over…maybe…

Funny kuroshitsuji status I love Black Butler

Kuroshitsuji FB: Negativeness by LeeAnn-Anime-Fan

Kuroshitsuji FB: Negativeness by LeeAnn-Anime-Fan yay Ciel is single


Sexy Grell x Alois jshshsvs

Presenting.a perfect description of how crappy Claude is as a butler. He won't sing crap.

Ross Lynch summed our feelings up perfectly.