Hermoso Mariposa, estrellas y firuletes

Mariposa, estrellas y firuletes

49 Ankle Tattoos For Your Inspiration

Ankle Tattoos have a very big connection to the wearer’s heart and means a life to them. Check out this post of 49 Ankle Tattoos For Your Inspiration.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για butterfly tattoo with letters

Tribal tattoo is usually done in deep blue or black. The tribal butterfly tattoo can also be done in green or have other colors intermingle.

Future tattoo!!

Ankle Tattoo Design Ideas - Many body areas make great part for tattoos, and ankle tattoo design art are among the most famous. Ankle tattoo, alongside wrist, hip and

Fancy Butterfly Tattoo

Tats I think this is along the lines of what I want with the bible verse 2 Corinthians along the side of it