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KUVA 2 LSJ Tittonen

KUVA 2 LSJ Tittonen

Developing Brains: Laying the Pathways to Learning | Childhood101

Developing Brains: Laying the Pathways to Learning

50 playful activity ideas for engaging beginning readers with high frequency sight word learning.

Airless tire in honeycomb design--biomimicry

Biomimicry Creates New Tires that can't go flat.

Airless tire in honeycomb design--biomimicry - Enforcer Truck - Manny - - Adrian Mendoza - author of The Kaleidoscope : The Gift of Madness

How to stay creative :)

26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates : Social Media Examiner

Being and staying creative is important in all areas of your work and personal life. Read about this Infographic " 40 Ways to stay Creative - Infographic "

Otto Scharmer and his book the U Theory from 2007 is quickly becoming one of the primary sources of inspiration for both scholars philosophy and business. Various interpretations of his open heart,…

Check out this excellent visualization of Theory U in practice

The If Learning Was Water Infographic presents via metaphor what's a gamified course, what is micro learning, blended learning and informal learning.

E-Learning is the Eye of Mind

Why changing (our) minds is so hard - The Vegan Strategist

the-digital-strategy-guide-i-couldnt-find-with-examples-and-templates/. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theuxblog.com

the-digital-strategy-guide-i-couldnt-find-with-examples-and-templates/ Join our community and discover the tactics, techniques and strategies for anyone starting, improving or growing an online business