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Y'all with your 'id still adore you with your habds around my neck' quotes are sick af, we get it, you've got a daddy kink but don't fucking romanticise domestic violence thank <- I agree but those are song lyrics.

Tips on how to handle douche text from men.Use good ol' fashioned threats physical violence:

I like to swear they never let me do it back in Battery City but now that I'm gone it's so fucking fun and it's colourful and makes me feel more independent and like a badass motherfucker but I just sound childish Adrenaline Monster sounds beautiful when she cusses she is beautiful oh dear god help me now she is the most beautiful thing to ever grace the planet I love her so

I wish you were not on this earth but entirely within me or rather that I were not on this earth but entirely within you Franz Kafka from a letter to Felice