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Matt sick in prison - by outtacommission<<<< AAAAAAAA! Why must you hurt my son in this way?

Voltron ✰ Legendary Defender #Cartoon Keith, Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk

The Voltron squad all love Keith okay he deserves all the love

I promise.

Homesick Lance: How could you not miss your family? Keith: ‘Cause you are my family now. - - - Sad Klance, just for once. Tomorrow Dorky Klance is back! I’v always loved how Lance is the happy weird.


Voltron mugs Shiro Lance Keith hunk pidge allura coran and Zarkon

I'm pidge....and If you see a few of my other pins....I'm pretty much alWAYS pidge

I'm pidge.and If you see a few of my other pins.I'm pretty much alWAYS pidge<<< I'm always Keith I don't know if that's an insult or not!

Audgeart- Pidge and Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender

Am I the only one in pidgance hell? I should iterate this is an au.<< it's cute but I like Kidge better


I just finished the series so far and I noticed this a few episodes from the end.

"What? I just wanted to say it's a very efficient method of traveling."

Yo I was watching this episode with my dad and he literally said if he would shiro, he would have chucked Slav in a wormhole by now xDDD

Matt Holt<<<Wait is the second picture real?? PLEASE tell me it's real!!!

but boy is Matt hot in the second picture. Puburty hit him like a fucking rock. Maybe being thrown in Gulra prison, being saved by Freedom Fighters and learning how to survive in a strange planet makes you freaking hot!

Keith | RED LION

Imagine Keith having to do this in season 3 because "no I'm not ABANDONING you but Shiro wants ME to pilot Black so we can form Voltron. no Lance will NOT be your permanent Paladin.