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Loved this one! Shakespeare and Dr. Who combined?! Woohoo!!!

Fun Fact: this refers to Shakespeare's Sonnet 57 which was supposedly about a guy that Shakespeare was in love with. Also could refer to the fact that 57 academics theorized that Shakespeare was gay/bisexual

Never noticed the parallel.

Why didn't I notice this before? And now the rest of my feelings are broken. I'm beginning to think that it's not a good thing for them to bring Rose and 10 back for one more episode, I had barely gotten over them being gone and now.

Doctor & Shakespeare. You should write that down lol. David Tennant.

The Doctor & Shakespeare. This makes me laugh because David Tennant played Hamlet. Of course he'd know how important the line "To be or not to be" is!

The doctor and the tardis!! I love the tardis she was amazing and she should definitely come back!

"Come on then, Sexy!" Great scene: The Doctor and his Tardis, that sexy thing.

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The Time Lords are the Weeping Angels theory. and This Was His Mom theory. I was actually thinking that that was his mom the first time I saw this episode, but I never thought of the weeping angels one.

Me too, Doctor. Me too. #Potter

The Doctor loves Harry Potter. David Tennant making a Harry Potter reference?

The best part about this is later hearing Matt Smith talk about how he got drunk on a plane with Draco Malfoy. Lol

This Plane Goes to Gallifrey With a Short Layover at Hogwarts

Doctor Who Harry Potter Tom Felton, Karen Gillian, Matt Smith Draco Malfoy, Amy Pond, 11 Party Plane!

Lol actually "Shall I compare thee." was written for Shakespeare's Fair Youth, not his Dark Lady.a Shakespeare was bi and wrote love sonnets to a guy