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The one about being short! I am the short person and this has happened to me. I turn so red.

The first one is Annabeth being the shorter one, then the second one is Percy being the biker Annabeth being the gardener, and the last time is Percy singing.

These are also good story starters

Omg the marching band au tho aghhh I'm in marching band and I have a good one

I like some of these, but not necessarily romantically.

K I just thought this was funny because of how to person freaked out about their otp grocery shopping together.

Fred and George<3

Book VII from Fred and George sucks. I sorta expected Dumbledore to Obi-Wan on us (that's the way Heroic quests flow), but Sirius and Dobby, I thought it couldn't get worse. Fred was the worst. - Harry Potter / Fred 'n George Weasley.

voldemort's assistant kevin, You should always listen to Kevin!

'Voldemort's Assistant, Kevin' by Anna-Maria Jung and Andrew Bridgman. Ohh poor Kevin :( So undervalued by MrDramaticDarkLord

Harry Potter casts's favorite props, and Voldemort's garter belts.

Tumblr Bullshit 21

This is how I will see Voldemort forever after this. Yzma style 😂😂😂😂😂 wait till the end again

We didn’t realize this earlier?!? If Harry had asked Fred and Gorge for help the problems would be solved much quicker and with more pranks.

Why the Weasley Twins Are the Dumbest Characters In Harry Potter>WHAT? Ok maybe this one thing but come one they aren't the dumbest characters.

lol @Fiona Pelkie

Funny pictures about Best face expressions. Oh, and cool pics about Best face expressions. Also, Best face expressions.