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Awesome Sleeve
Sleeve tattoo by LIQUIDLIAM on DeviantArt
Painting Process The 18 x 36 clayboard was painted with mossy green and muted yellow acrylics, aged to create cracks and crevasses, and then slightly detailed with light touches of red enamel for cont

By the Sword of the Samurai by David Lozeau | Day of the Dead

Kabuto by on @DeviantArt
Tiger & Gorilla Vector | Sweyda, Typography, type, custom lettering, hand lettering, vector, vector illustration, action sports
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I think this might be the one samuri warrior With a happy green lucky dragon   # Pinterest++ for iPad #
Last Samurai by Kazimirov Dmitriy on ArtStation.
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ESPAÑOL / ENGLISH Últimamente he estado trabajando en varios diseños para tatuajes que me han encargado algunos clientes,este sin duda es de los que más me ha gustado, más allá de que me dieron tot...
Japanese Rising Sun-  K /1st R1 Intro:Culture, Warm colors Paint Sun   R2: Paint or draw Tree Silhouette