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That moment when you get a sweet text & you just sit there smiling at your screen like a weirdo. post this has happened a lot

I mean not really. Some people adopt

Teenager Post Every mother on earth gave birth to a child. Except my mother, she gave birth to a legend. High five mom.

I don't have a crush! I don't know any guys. Yay homeschooling

I feel so bad for all those goodie-goodies that are homeschooled and haven't even talked to a guy yet. :(<<<<<<<<< I'm homeschooled and I have talked to so many guys, and have had a crush before.

So true

My favorite song normally changes every day, but then I heard this one song, learned all the lyrics (including rap) and now it's my favorite song eva!


Teenager Post I like people who I can occasionally have really deep conversations with and at the same time joke around with them.

Yes lol

This just isn't for teenagers! I just had this conversation the other day with my girl friends.